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This Triumph & Disaster Travel Kit is a great gift for those who are always on the road for business or leisure. It is also a great introductory to the Triumph & Disaster range and focus on providing all the essentials a gentlemen would require.

This pack includes:

YLF Wash - an all purpose Body, Face & Hair wash infused with the goodness of Rosewood, Kawakawa and Argan.

Ritual Face Cleanser - Light, refreshing peppermint-scented Ritual is formulated to clean without drying or irritation, leaving skin feeling fresh and bright.

Old Fashioned Shave Cream - Natural ingredients combine to simultaneously soften and lift facial hair whilst creating a smooth glide that allows the blade an unbeatable close shave.

Gameface Moisturisier - Jojoba, Ponga fern (Cyathea Cumingii) and Horopito (Pseudowintera Colorata) combine to deliver a calming, hydrating and soothing moisturiser that will leave your skin feeling great.  

There is a total of 4 x 30ml tubes included in this Travel Kit.

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